Scandinavian Furniture & Homewares

Dating back as far as 1770, the Royal Danish Academy issued Fine Arts licences to furniture designers and craftsmen, paving the way for Scandinavian furniture and style to have the iconic status it has today. By the middle of the twentieth century, these four small countries with a population no larger than New York impacted the world of design like never before. Their high level of art, craft and design spawned a style that is recognised the world over and looked to for inspiration. Scandinavian style was driven by an egalitarian social movement and desire to make functional, affordable designs for mass production.

Modern Scandi style has taken on its own unique character and its charms are being introduced into homes around the world. Drawing on organic soft textures and subtle colours. Scandi style has been become increasingly popular due to its calm, balanced and understated nature. Its simplicity gives of the feeling of a cosy country lodge nestled in the forest. Combining it with global tribal accessories allow decorators to create a unique and personal look.

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