Modern Retro Furniture & Homewares

Inspired by the past and living in the now, modern retro furniture and homewares are inspired by the 1950s and 1960s. A period of great change, where new technologies and values changes the world. Rules where broken and from this streamed a new wave of creativity and prosperity.

Loft’s unique interpretation of modern retro style combines warm rosewood timber and natural mango wood with gloss painted doors and drawers. Rounded edges soften the look and add a contemporary feel. Tapered legs add a light minimal touch.

Modernism was underpinned by function. Our modern retro furniture range includes pieces that combine cleverly design storage with a great look, including buffets, TV entertainment units, dining tables and chairs, consoles, desk and wall shelves. Our modern retro pieces are made to last the test of time and look just as relevant and valued as their original predecessors.

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