Industrial Furniture & Homewares

Warehouse living and industrial furniture bring out the artist in all of us. It transports us back to a time when the industrial movement was re-building and re-shaping the way we live. Originally embraced by writers, designers, musicians and a new movement of ‘avant garde’, New York, London, Paris and Sydney cherished these valued gems and those of us lucky enough to live or work in one are reminded everyday of the enduring timelessness of industrial style. The simplicity yet effectiveness of its form only adds to the allure.

Stripped back and functional, the purity of industrial design has been re-interpreted into modern industrial furniture where functionality for modern day living is integrated. Distressed iron and paint finishes with weathered timbers offer unique character. Today we can combine this with purpose built sizes and functional forms for bookcases, dining tables, consoles and side tables.

Loft is very proud to one of the early designers to re-invent industrial style for modern living, and has gone one step further to apply colours and shapes that integrate with other styles such as coastal, modern retro and modern rustic. This broad appeal allows industrial furniture and homewares to fit easily into the dining room, lounge, bedroom or home office.

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