French Provincial Furniture & Homewares

French culture and design has been hugely influential, and French provinical furniture is a timeless style that never goes out of fashion. For a thousand years the French styles evolved and stand in history as markers of historical ages and ways of life. While pomp and parties raged in the capital with grand and ornate styles, the ‘real’ France is built in the La Provence - the French countryside.

It’s from here that we find simple, natural and style that has all the charm and emotional connections to a way of life so many of us have visited, adored and fantasise about. The light natural timbers,and antique distressed paint finishes have originality and charm, combining beautifully with the elegance of turned timber legs. It is sophisticated yet soulful.

Food and dining are at the heart of French culture. Our French provincial dining set includes a dining table, console, side table and buffet. Accompanied by Loft’s exclusive re-edition industrial dining chairs, accessories such as coat racks, chopping boards and milking stools offer the opportunity to re-invent and re-create your own interpretation of a modern French–Australian country style.

Whether in a country house , holiday home or your city abode, Loft’s French provincial furniture and homewares will add character and flair to your home, taking you to a faraway place without a passport, visa and jet lag.

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