Coastal Furniture and Homewares

Blessed to be living on an island with a warm climate, coastal furniture and homewares offer a calming and cooling effect in a sometime hostile climate. Coastal style living evokes fun and laughter, touching our memories of holidays and excursions in our youth or yesterday. It is built on layering textures, colour, symbols and personal artifacts regardless of their value or relevance.

Coastal style’s reference to driftwood, shells, pastel blues and subtle hues has been well worn. Today a more sophisticated version is emerging, giving the freedom to create a new coastal style. Incorporating washed linen, symbolic wall lights, distressed metal, wicker lights and natural timber. Breaking and creating new rules allows the modern, vintage, industrial and Nordic styles to merge.

Cool, calm and relaxed remains the driving undercurrent of this popular style. Looking comfortable and confident in a city apartment, suburban house or beachside retreat, all rooms benefit from the relaxed personality that coastal furniture and style brings, especially when interpreted in your own unique and original way.

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